March 26, 2019

Oregon Teen Girls Conference 2019

Kimber Anderson

What an amazing time at TGC 2019! Middle and High School Teens from Oregon were able to engage in worship, incredible speakers, life applications and wonderful mentors throughout Friday evening and Saturday. The Holy Spirit showed up which created a lot of great breakthroughs for girls.
Jill Bryant, Former Arkansas Teen Girl Ministry Director, was our speaker that brought a powerful message about God knowing us even before we were thought of, conceived or born. He knew what He has us here on earth for and how the Bible backs up and fights every myth that is out there about who we are and where our dignity lies. What the world says about who we are, is so opposite of our identity in Christ and what the Bible says who we are; loved and accepted by our heavenly Father “fearfully and wonderfully made”.
Jill gave her testimony which reveals fears of not belonging and questioning why God had placed her on earth. This statement pulled the heartstrings of the girls and leaders as we have all in one way or another in life had these feelings. Jill spoke about how the Lord has his “To-Do List” of things we will accomplish while here on earth. She also spoke truth into the girls about the daily decisions that we make can affect us in a positive or negative way in our walk with Jesus. The movies, music, friends we hang out with can make it difficult to make good choices. What we surround ourselves with will show in our actions.
During our Breakouts on Saturday, the girls had topics such as:

“Hearing the voice of God” had great ways of spending quiet time with the Lord
“Thought Life” addresses so many negative things that distract us from good/pure thoughts
“Who am I?” brought clarity to gender-specific issues as well as negative self-image

Teen Girls Conference impacts so many girls lives during the short time that we are able to have their attention and we are enthusiastic as to what next year holds for TGC 2020….

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