March 1, 2019

NextGen Roundup

Brian Eno

Here are this week's top five resources from around the web:
1) Why We Ought to Re-Imagine Youth MinistryHow to move from entertaining to training.
2) Screen Time Inhibits Toddler Development, Study FindsA study has found that kids 2-5 years old who engage in more screen time received worse scores in developmental screening tests.
3) The ExchangeA place to share ministry resources that you have created and physical resources such as props, books, curriculum, games or media that are sitting on your shelf or hard-drive, and may never be used by you again.
4) BGMC March MadnessEvery year during the month of March, BGMC runs its annual campaign called "March Missions Madness-Lost Change for Lost Souls."
5) Giving Up Your Day for STLResources for giving your birthday to missions.
Make sure to check out our updated resource page, The Hub.

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