February 25, 2019

Have You Ever Felt Like Moses?

Brad Phillips

You know the picture that I’m talking about: Moses standing on the edge of the Red Sea, arm and staff outstretched, the breeze gently moving his grey hair and beard as the waters are parted to the left and to the right and 2 million Hebrew pass by on dry ground….. You know the story, right? I remember it too because I watched the movie “The 10 Commandments” with Charlton Heston when I was a kid. It was quite epic at the time. Have you ever felt like that? Yea, me neither!
But I think I know how Moses may have felt on another occasion:
The story of Exodus is God rescuing His people from slavery in Egypt and leading them into the Promised Land. It is an incredible story of God remembering his promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Moses saw the affliction of his people and had a failed attempt to rescue them in his own strength. He murdered an Egyptian taskmaster then fled to Midian. Failure marked Moses and he settled somewhere other than where God had prepared him for. I think failure marks all of us one way or another. Moses let his failure define him and he fled. Someone once said “Failure is a bruise that will heal, not a tattoo that is permanent.” Moses may have thought his failure was permanent and that it would define him.
Moses fled but God pursued him! God appeared to him and spoke to him and reminded him of what he had prepared him to accomplish.
In Exodus 3 and 4 Moses gives God 5 excuses of why he can’t do what God has asked him to do. In all fairness, he had already failed! He had already done what he thought he needed to do and it didn’t work out. His passion, dream and purpose had faded in the desert of Midian so he began to make excuses.
It took a bit but Moses finally was honest with God with the last excuse when he said “please send someone else!” I sense the desperation, the pain, the fear and the failure in his statement. He had already failed and he didn’t want to fail again. God wasn’t setting him up for failure he was setting him up for faith. God did not want to send someone else; he wanted Moses. He knew his past, he knew the failures, he knew where he was, he knew he had a temper and needed tempering. God knew and God chose Moses!
In Hebrews 11:23-29 we catch up with Moses again. We do not find anything in this passage about his failure only faith.
Failure or faith? It may take some convincing but God wants your failures and your faith. He’s not nearly as concerned about where you have been as he is about where you are. He does not speak to you where you have been, He only speaks to you where you are. It might not be through a burning bush but it will still be the great “I am” that seeks you out.
Some would say that God could have chosen someone else to do what Moses was called to do. That might be true, but God didn’t just choose anyone else He chose Moses.
You might be saying that God could choose someone else to do what you are called to do. That may be true, but God didn’t choose anyone else he chose you!
Have you ever felt like Moses? I have!

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