February 4, 2019

Introducing Jeremy Seibert

Kyle Thompson

Ministry Credentials Could Count as Credits
Northwest University could apply up to six credits per credential level attained for Assemblies of God ministers. If you are a licensed minister, you may be able to apply 12 credits to a degree offered at the Salem Campus. An associate degree is 60 credits, so a licensed minister would potentially only need 48 more credits to graduate with an Associate in Ministry Leadership, Business Management, Organizational Leadership or Psychology degree. Your work to become credentialed, licensed or ordained could count as credits towards your next degree. To learn more about having your work reviewed and potentially awarded as credits, call our office at 503-305-0092 or email salem@northwestu.edu.
Introducing Faculty Who Make a Difference: Jeremy Seibert
Pastor Jeremy Siebert joined us as an instructor in 2014. Jeremy brings to each class meeting his wisdom, caring heart, and commitments to Scripture and the growth of students. He also uses his years of experience in pastoring – including leading a church through a very successful re-set – and his master’s degree in biblical and theological studies to help students prepare to fulfill their calling. His ability to see potential in people and his sincere concern for the well-being of others combine to make his gift of encouragement a powerful force in students’ lives.
Jeremy teaches Corinthian Correspondence and Systematic Theology I at NU Salem Campus. Students enjoy that he is highly organized and yet flexible so they can apply their classwork to their real-life situations. We are grateful to have Jeremy on our team of faculty, serving in God’s Kingdom work by investing in students.
Jeremy is making a difference at our Salem Campus!

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