December 10, 2018

Raising Up The Next Generation of Givers

Brian Eno

Did you know Speed the Light was born in 1945?
That year Assemblies of God youth set a goal to give $100,000 to this new mission fund. Teens were told if they each gave $1 their goal could be met. Many leaders had their doubts, but AG youth came through with $113,375. STL’s first major purchase was a small airplane for the work in Liberia. It was the first non-military plane to ever fly into that country. The Liberians were so excited to see the airplane that for many years they charged no duty fees on any STL equipment brought into the country. After this many more STL requests came in from all around the world. Boats in the Bahamas, a jeep in Costa Rica, mules in Nigeria, and bicycles for West Africa. AG missionary leaders soon discovered one missionary, properly equipped, could do the work of 10 who lacked resources.
Yet, at this time many adults didn’t believe the youth of our churches could sustain their excitement for providing transportation and equipment to our missionaries over multiple generations. They were wrong; in the past 73 years the youth of our churches have given over $312 million dollars. This sustainability is only possible because BGMC and STL are much more than just programs that provide equipment to our missionaries. They are uniquely designed discipleship tools to help raise up the next generation of givers in His church.
This year our Oregon kids and youth are on target to give over $300,000 to BGMC and STL. Their giving has allowed us to support and supply OMN Missions efforts in West Africa, Ecuador, the Middle East, downtown Portland, rural La Pine, and Oregon Public Schools.
I’m hoping and praying for a record breaking year, because we currently need to provide 3 first-term missionaries with vehicles and have many other missionary equipment requests pending. We very much need every one of our Kids and Youth Ministry to help us raise up the next generation of givers in our OMN churches. Our goal is 100% church participation. If you’re not participating, it’s not too late! You can still receive a year-end offering and send it in.
Thank you for helping us raise up the next generation of givers through BGMC and STL! You can always find more information on current projects, recently funded projects, and resources to help churches and leaders teach BGMC or STL by visiting our website at BGMC or STL.

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