September 24, 2018

Girls Camp 2018

Kimber Anderson

Romans 8:38
Nothing at all can ever separate us from Gods love, that is because of what our Lord has done for us.
This year we had a great turn out for Girls Camp. These girls are our next generation of leaders. They learned that nothing they do can separate them from Gods love. Asking Jesus to be a part of their lives and changing the way they live to love Jesus. How God uniquely designed and created each girl for His purpose.

We had some great altar times that were powerful, and the Holy Spirit showed up, these girls lives are changing. As Girls camp came to an end we had our Sunday chapel and the girls were able to put what they had learned into practice. We had a “prayer wash” where we had the girls walk through and each leader was on either side praying for each girl as they passed through! Then the roles reversed, and those girls prayed their hearts out for the leaders. This to me was so amazing to see our next generation of young ladies loving Jesus and praying.

Please continue to pray with me that girls in Oregon learn about Jesus and walk in a relationship with Him.

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