July 26, 2018

Lead with Excellence

Joy Wilson

I know some of you are like me wondering how these months go by so quickly. Schedules are fun and crazy in the summer – always seems to be lots of activities involving our children, grandchildren and ministry. Iʼm looking forward to spending time with our children and their families in Kalispell, Montana for a couple of days. We donʼt get to be together very often with everyone’s schedule. Needless to say, Iʼm really looking forward to that weekend.

Lead with Excellence is the theme for July, August and September. Today, I was browsing through some notes from speaking/teaching at different activities and was specifically looking at leadership topics I have shared. I came across some thoughts that have been helpful at different times in ministry and thought they could be helpful to you.

Identification: Know who you are. 2 Corinthians 12:4,5 reminds us that we all have different abilities that God uses.

When we are leading we are often asked to lead in areas we don’t feel we are gifted in. It’s a real stretch. How do we lead with excellence when this happens?

Clarify your areas of growth. There are often times when we are asked to do something that falls into the category of things I don’t do well. Recognize this and determine to explore how to do better in these areas. Who do you know that does it well? Make an appointment to meet with them and ask how they lead in the areas you need to grow. Let them mentor you.

What happens when we operate out of our strengths?

We are confident in who we are.

We are consistent. We are walking closely with the Lord, being built up in the faith; we recognize that our passion increases for the task we are given.

We cultivate our giftings.

When we know what our strengths and giftings are, we have the innate desire to keep growing. We want to thrive.

In situations we encounter, don’t try to be each other. Recognize everyone brings something to the table. We need to support and encourage each other. Celebrate each other’s wins.

I will conclude with the following. When working on a team, place value in those who work in your group. Be an encourager, see the good in each other. Make it a practice to do random acts of kindness.

Lead with excellence.

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