July 25, 2018

Faculty Highlight

Kyle Thompson

There is Still Time to Enroll for Fall

All of our courses are offered in a two-session semester format. As a result, full-time students take only two or three classes during each session, so they can be very focused in their learning. The deadline for the first session was July 31, but there is still time to enroll for the second session. Classes for the second session start November 15. September 24 is the deadline.
To learn more and start your application visit our website.
Faculty Highlight - Get to Know Dr. Debbie Lamm Bray
After 17 years in college work in Oregon, and 22 years of work in colleges total, Debbie is still right at home in the classroom and college administration. She has taught many Bible, theology, church history, and other classes over the years, and she has led many academic, student development and student life projects. Why does she keep coming back?
She does it because she is called to helping the Church move into the future, and that includes preparing ministers and all God’s people. “I want to help make a difference for the His Kingdom work in Oregon and southwest Washington by investing in the development of leaders to serve in ministries, business, people-helping professions, and more. I believe that we need Kingdom-minded, Jesus-loving people in all aspects of our economy and society, because Kingdom-minded, Jesus-loving people are the way that God is carrying out His redemptive work.” Dr. Lamm Bray does this in her leadership of the Salem Campus’s academics and student programs.
This fall, Dr. Lamm Bray will teach Christian Thought (the beginning theology course) and Identity and Vocation, a course in which students explore the way God has created them and the gifts and passions He has given them, and how He might want to use those in His work. “The Identity and Vocation course has become one of my favorite courses to teach, partly because it is related to my dissertation research on calling but also because I see students leave the course with a fresh understanding of the unique contribution God created and redeemed them to make in His Kingdom. Students’ passion for serving is ignited, which makes my own heart joyful.” That’s not all, though. “Of course,” she adds, “every class is my ‘favorite’ on some level. Seeing students learn how to love God with all their minds (Matthew 22:37) is an amazing experience.”

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