June 11, 2018

God is up to Something New!

Brian Eno

God is up to something new in Oregon!

Isaiah 43:19 says, “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

God is doing something new in our public schools! It seemed the schools were a wilderness desert for years, now across Oregon I’m hearing about churches serving their schools in creative new ways. If it be after-school programs in Central Oregon, sports outreaches in metro areas, campus clubs in Eastern Oregon, or school assemblies in Southern Oregon. In the past 10 years I have not seen such an open door to the public schools. This new thing God is doing was started by church leaders asking their school administrators a very simple question: How can we best help you? Focusing on the school’s needs, rather than a preplanned church agenda. This approach has swung the school doors wide-open with opportunities for Youth Alive Ministries in Oregon. Thank God, we’re well positioned to seize the opportunities with two veteran Youth Alive Missionaries in place. To help us capitalize on what God is doing in our public schools we are focusing on two Youth Alive Projects through BGMC and STL this Summer.
Summer BGMC Project – Every kid deserves a great first day of school, therefore this year’s summer project is a Backpack Drive for kids. Here’s how your kids can help. For every $25 dollars they give towards this BGMC project Wes & Carrie Sheley, Youth Alive Missionaries to Oregon Public Schools, will be able to partner with churches around Oregon to provide backpacks full of school supplies for kids who cannot afford them. Our goal is to help over 200 kids. Will you join with our OMN churches and give to this project? The easiest way for your church and kids to participate is to send in your Summer BGMC offerings, to the National office, with their Special Target Form. You can download this form on our BGMC webpage and view the Project Video on our YouTube Channel #BGMCOregonYouthAlive
Summer STL Project – Youth Alive School Assembly Sound, Media and Lights Package. Currently we are using 15-year-old equipment for our Public-School Assemblies. As you know technology has changed drastically over the past decade and things breakdown over time. We desire to represent God’s church with excellence when we come in to serve the Public School and this new equipment will enable us to do this. This is a $40,000 project we hope to have funded and purchased in time for Fall School Assemblies already scheduled. Would your Youth Ministries help by raising the STL dollars for a speaker, video projector or a LED light? You can download this Project Bio on our STL webpage and view the Project Video on our YouTube Channel. #STLOregonYouthAlive
Make sure to check out our updated resource page The HUB for more tools to help you teach and instill a heart for the lost in the next generation.
Finally, if you would like to schedule me to come and do a STL or BGMC service for your kids, youth or church, contact me directly to save a date on the calendar.

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