May 25, 2018

Why Choose Northwest University at Salem?

Kyle Thompson

MA in Ministry Leadership, Interested? A major component of the Salem enrollment strategy is to begin offering more graduate degrees. We would like to gauge the interest in a Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (MACM), with a potential start date of January 2019. If you would like more information about this program, please email Kyle Thompson:
Fall 2018 Application Deadline When affordability is combined with a convenient schedule and our exceptional faculty, the result is a SUPERIOR VALUE. The deadline for fall applications is July 31:
Why Chose Northwest University at Salem? NU at Salem offers AA and BA degrees in Business, Psychology and Ministry Leadership for a fraction of the price as our Kirkland campus. We are a fully accredited private Christian university with exceptional affordability, and financial aid is available to help assist you. Our tuition is so affordable that many of the students graduate completely debt free. The class schedule allows you to come to campus once or twice a week, with classes in the afternoon and evening, and you can supplement with online classes. NU at Salem is intentional about facilitating spiritual growth in every student. This spring we asked our students what were the top three reasons they loved NU at Salem. 1) Students love the community and atmosphere of our campus. 2) Students love the spiritual growth in chapel and in class. 3) Students love the quality of education and the faculty that have a genuine care that goes much deeper than a grade on paper. If you have credits from community college or another school, we can most likely transfer them towards a degree at NU Salem.

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