May 25, 2018

Believe for More

Joy Wilson

Following Summit, I had the privilege to represent the Women in Ministry from the OMN in Vienna. We were able to send $4,000 to assist in their first women’s conference of this magnitude. Debbie Lindell and her team from James River worked hand in hand with Melinda Henderson. Melinda is the missionary who had the vision for this to happen in Vienna. It was an incredible event, with many nations of the world represented. Someone shared there were 164 salvations and 64 women receiving a Bible for the first time.
Just received a message about a nun who walked into the conference and heard the Gospel for the first time. These are the miracles we prayed for. Thank you so much for your investment.
On Mother’s Day weekend I spoke at Family Life in Salem. The Lord had dropped in my heart the phrase, “Inspire to Believe as I was in Vienna.” An interesting thing happened while we were there. Sandi Mundis, the wife of Greg Mundis, was meeting up for coffee. When we arrived she was really shook up. She went to pay the bill only to find out her wallet was missing. She had already gone back to the places she had been and it hadn’t been returned. In my spirit I was inspired to pray and believe that the wallet would be returned. I asked the group if they would agree with me in prayer because I believed the wallet was going to be there when she went back. We joined hands and prayed.
Have you ever had that feeling where your heart is beating and you are so confident that God dropped this in your heart. That’s what I felt and I knew I had to be obedient. After all He had dropped in my heart “Inspire to Believe.” Well, within 15 minutes I received a text from Sandi, “Your prayer worked. We came back and it had been turned in, with only a few euros missing. Everything else was there.”
The weekend following, I was at an event and another wonderful friend lost her wallet at Macy’s. She explained she had been back and had called - but no wallet. I felt the same desire to pray with this friend and the same thing happened. The wallet was returned with a small amount of money missing, but everything else was left in the wallet.
In case you’re wondering, I don’t feel like I have a new gift of praying for wallets. What I do believe is that God wants to inspire us all to believe for more. What do you need to believe God for today? Let me remind you of some words we often sing: I believe in You. I believe in You. You’re the God of miracles, I believe in You. Would you be willing to take a step of faith and believe God for miracles? Let’s be inspired to believe for more!

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