April 2, 2018


David Kennedy

Happy Spring!
Don’t you love the beautiful colors of the flowers that are beginning to bloom? I love the change of seasons. I’m ready for some warmer weather and sunny skies. I’ve already done some spring cleaning and it makes everything look clean and fresh.
The past three months we have talked about “Believing for God’s best.” For the next three months we will look at “Being obedient to God’s Word and voice.”
Being obedient: I often say to my grandsons, “Listen and obey, that’s the right way.” Why is it so easy to say, but hard to always do? Personally, this has been an ongoing journey for me.
Obedience comes easy for some things, but not everything. The theme word BOLD has been just what I needed this year to help me in my own obedience. In order to be obedient, sometimes I have to be bold. I’m not always comfortable being bold. In some situations, I’m more reserved. Sometimes I’ve been hesitant to be obedient to what God is saying to me and then I have had regrets. Through the years I’ve learned the benefits, rewards and blessing of listening and obeying. Sending a card, making a phone call, reading a Facebook message and acting on God’s prompting. These are a few ways where I’ve learned to listen to God’s whisper and take action.

The word BOLD is an action word, it gets you up and moving. It’s the extra shot of espresso in your cappuccino. It ignites something in you to do something.

Here’s a quote from Beth Moore, “Audacious love leads to audacious obedience, audacious obedience leads to blessing.” We could change that word audacious to bold. Do we want to receive the blessing of the Lord more personally in our lives?
What can we do this month to turn these words into action? Take 5-10 minutes every day with Jesus to increase your love relationship; listen and act on the prompting of the Holy Spirit and experience the blessing of the Lord.

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