August 28, 2014

Regrets: Avoiding Them In Your Life

Bill Wilson

The prudent see danger and take refuge. But the simple keep going and suffer for it.

Proverbs 27:12

Life is made up of decisions. Every day you and I are called on to make choices. Some choices bring great rejoicing, while other choices bring great regret. The pressing question for me is, "How can I avoid living and leading with regret?"

I like what Andy Stanley wrote some time ago, "many of our greatest regrets in life could probably have been avoided if we hand put guardrails in place." I agree.

Have you put guardrails into place? Most often we don't think about a guardrail until something happens that reminds us we need one. There is a well-traveled rural road with sharp curves not far from our home. It had been the scene of many serious and fatal accidents. Finally, new guardrails were installed and some bold bright signage was put up. The result is a huge reduction in accidents. These guardrails have produced fewer regrets and heartbreaks.

Stanley suggests, "Guardrails protect us from what lurks on the other side."As a pastor and leader, I've observed people crash and make wrecks out of their lives. They live in regret. I believe they could have avoided the wreck and the regret if they had only had some guardrails in place.

When a person places guardrails in their lives, they are placing boundaries to keep them on the safe side. Guardrails are intended to keep a person alert to the danger ahead and to protect them. Guardrails are designed to protect a person from making damaging and destructive decisions.

Today's culture pulls us to the edge. This means that guardrails must be deliberately put in place. As leaders, more than ever we must place guardrails to protect our marriages, the ways we use money, manage our time, respond to people, and our spiritual health.

Solomon says, "The prudent see danger and take refuge‚" In other words, wise men and women of God not only see danger, but they also build guardrails. In contrast, "The simple keep going" and as someone observes, "drive off the cliff."

Where is your danger zone? Where do you need guardrails? There is no question that many of our greatest regrets could be avoided if we put up guardrails in the right places.

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