December 1, 2017

Year End NextGen Update

Brian Eno

In Psalm 78, King David gives us a mandate to pass our faith unto the next generation. As Assemblies of God pastors and leaders we must pass on to our kids and youth a faith that is Gospel Centered, Spirit Empowered and Personally Responsible for the Mission of God. This is a massive responsibility, one we must never take lightly.
This mandate should compel us to pass our movement’s heart for missions on to our kids and youth. Speed the Light and Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge are much more than programs providing equipment for missionaries. They are tools to help us instill in the next generation a faith that is personally responsible for the mission of God, as well as support our AG Missionaries around the world. You can find many useful STL & BGMC resources on our website.
This year, our OMN Kids Ministries had a goal to give $150,000 and see 60% of our churches participating in BGMC. So far, Oregon Kids have helped build a playground in Russia, purchase Japanese Bibles and ReSet Kids Ministries in both Alsea and Waldport OMN Churches.
This year, our OMN Youth Ministries had a goal to give $125,000 and see 40% of our churches participating in STL. So far, Oregon Youth Ministries are projected to provide John & Carolyn Stewart in South Africa and Brad & Roberta Shimomura in Japan with STL vehicles, as well as a Public Transit Pass for our Missionaries in Asia.
As we come to the end of the year, I’m praying for another incredible year-end response to STL and BGMC. Through our One Oregon Campaign and statewide offerings, I hope to fund Phil & Robin Malcolm’s SUV in West Africa. This STL vehicle will enable them to travel to training seminars, mentor national ministry leaders and construct low-cost children’s classroom shelters for churches. I further hope to feed many needy kids around the world through Barrels of Hope, a partnership between Oregon Kids, Convoy of Hope and BGMC.
Because of the faithfulness of all our leaders, we’re able to instill a heart for missions in the next generation.
If you would like to schedule me to come and do a STL or BGMC service for your kids, youth or church, contact me directly to save a date on the calendar.
Note: Year-end STL or BGMC GivingPlease check your records to make sure you have sent in all your STL and BGMC offerings. Please DO NOT mail offerings to the OMN office, but send them directly to the National Resource Center (payable to STL or BGMC – 1445 Boonville Ave – Springfield, MO 65802) no later than December 31, 2017, to receive 2017 giving credit. The National Resource Center encourages you to mail contributions by December 15, 2017. This will assist them in crediting end-of-year contributions in a timely manner.

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