November 5, 2017

Collaboration, Innovation, Hope, Honor, & Service

Debbie Lamm Bray

Our strongest values propel us to action. Therefore, Northwest University Salem Campus introduced five core values in 2016. Listed and explained below, these values shape our work to help students become Spirit-led agents of transformation in Oregon and Southwest Washington. They fuel our drive to develop graduates who have the capacity, conviction, and courage to do the work – even the scary work – God asks them to do.
At NU Salem, we value: Collaboration – a perspective on life that seeks partnership and appreciates the contributions and perspectives of others, in order to serve together in God’s redemptive work.
Innovation – a way of viewing the world and life that actively relies on the creative power of the Holy Spirit to conceive new solutions to human needs and fresh approaches to the work of the Church.
Hope – a habit of speaking and living the hope that Jesus brings, encouraging life and growth in those around us as we draw attention to our Redeemer.
Honor – a commitment to do what is honorable, demonstrate respect for others, develop godly character, and fulfill both our obligations and our potential.
Service – an ethos of noticing and meeting needs humbly and through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Built on these focal points, we also developed a Statement of Belonging:
We Belong to This Community

Here, we encourage and challenge one another to serve, learn, and lead with distinction.
Through the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and the support of this community, we are becoming the honorable and innovative people God designed us to be.
We are called to collaborate with God and others to serve in His redemptive work in the world.

In your realms of influence, who should consider becoming part of the NU Salem community? With a nontraditional schedule that accommodates even fulltime work, majors in Business, Ministry, and Psychology, academic support for student success, and intentionally affordable tuition, Northwest University Salem Campus might be the exactly the right place for you someone you know. The can contact us at 503-304-0092,, or
New at the Salem Campus Rev. Kevin Reich, M.A., joined the Salem Campus faculty this fall. In addition to being Lead Pastor at Relevant Life Church (two campuses) in Salem, Kevin is leading the re:SET program for OMN, so he brings a depth of perspective to the NU Salem classroom. Thank you, Kevin, for investing in students!

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