October 29, 2018

Credential Renewal

Diane Roberts

The online credential renewal submission system is now available at the link below.
Renewal Form→
All ministers are required to pay a $25 renewal fee to the Oregon Ministry Network and be current with their minister’s tithe to the OMN and General Council at the time of renewal. General Council dues may be deducted from your tithe. This only applies if you are contributing a full tithe of your ministerial income. If you are paying by check please include separate checks for the OMN and General Council. To contribute online use the following links:
OMN→ General Council→
Minister renewals must be completed before December 31st to avoid delays and late fees. Renewal forms postmarked January 1-15 must include a $50 late fee. ($25 payable to the OMN and $25 payable to the General Council). Postmark deadlines are enforced by the General Council.
Renewal forms postmarked after January 15th cannot be accepted. A minister’s credentials will be considered lapsed. In order to reinstate credentials a reinstatement application must be completed and submitted with a $150 fee. (A background check fee of $27.00 may apply if you have not had one within the last two years).
If a credential holder wishes to receive a renewal form by mail, it should come by December 5th, 2019. If you have not received the renewal by December 5th please contact the Network office immediately.
For more information, please contact Diane Roberts.

Oregon Ministry Network

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