July 4, 2017


Bill Wilson

Behold, I am doing a new thing… Isaiah 43:19

The Oregon Ministry Network is a movement that is developing effective leaders and building healthy churches and ministries, across the state. I can assure you that the leadership is working diligently with this in mind.
One of the significant strengths of our Network family is the openness and desire of our pastors to see new things accomplished in Jesus’ name. I applaud the many God ideas that are being introduced by those serving in rural, metropolitan and suburban Oregon churches. I believe the sincere heart of our pastors is to reach and disciple others. This is who we are as a Network.
This fall we are launching a new OMN initiative called re:SET. re:SET is designed to better equip our local pastors and churches in reevaluating and realigning their methods and ministries. It is to be more than just an exercise, but rather a deliberate effort to adjust and adapt in order to remain current and effective.
I, like you, are grateful for re:SET buttons. They allow me to regroup, recalibrate and restart with greater effectiveness and success. If we are honest, every established church needs to consider ways to re:SET their focus and functions every few years. Often programs or schedules that once were meaningful and impacting have lost their edge and efficiency. They no longer provide the outcome or impact originally intended. This calls for a re:SET.
The new re:SET Initiative is a part of our OMN Church Multiplication focus led by Executive Team Pastor Lee McCloud. I am pleased to announce that Pastor Kevin Reich, pastor of Relevant Life Church in Salem and a member of the Network Presbytery, has agreed to serve as Team Leader for the OMN re:SET. Kevin is working alongside Lee McCloud on this important endeavor.
Be watching for your opportunity to be apart of the new wave of development in the re:SET Initiative. As pastors, this is a perfect time to consider what your local church will need to look like in the next five years; what adjustments are going to be essential in order to stay healthy and growing.
I invite you to join me in our re:SET Initiative so we can impact our communities, our state and our world. Now, is our time to SHINE.

The light of the righteous shines brightly… Proverbs 13:9

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