June 12, 2017

Romania Trip

Joy Wilson

A great big "Thank you " to those who contributed to the Romania Missions trip.

The trip was life-changing in many ways. New friendships were formed, ministry gifts discovered (everyone can do puppet ministry) being fluid with everyday experiences. Every lady on the trip had a purpose and was used to touch the lives of women.

So let me share what a Tea looked like for the team members:

Up early in the morning to travel usually 2+hours to a village out of Bucharest. We were joined by Tamara's team (Tamara Henkes is our missionary to Romania) the incredible team she works with helped load vans, drive to locations, help with set up and interpret for us.

When we arrived in the village Tamara would find the location for the tea and how many were coming. (This is where the team learned to be fluid). Often the number would double by the end of the tea.

The kitchen crew made incredible croissant sandwiches, chips, and sweets. There were ladies who provided soda to drink . some decorated the tables, some served the ladies, then all participated in some way during the program which consisted of puppets, skits, worship, testimonies and the giving of gifts.

The pictures will show you the amount of space and primitive conditions the ladies worked in. These gals were amazing. Loved their "can do" attitudes. The team members were "all in". Everyone was willing to help with every aspect of the tea. Tamara and her team worked hand in hand with our team and it was an incredible experience.

Tamara shared in a recent email that she had already heard from some of the pastors in the areas how the women who had attended the teas were in church Sunday.

We all are thankful for the opportunity to represent the Oregon Ministry Network and we look forward to planning future trips.

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