May 2, 2017

Update your Faith Promises Online

Joel Morris

Our missionaries depend on Faith Promises in order to be released to go to the mission field. The Assemblies of God has a great tool for setting up recurring giving transactions through the website. Unfortunately, the only part of the system that was connected with Faith Promises was to establish a new commitment. There was no way to manage all Faith Promises from a single location, until now!

A little over a year ago I contacted the national office regarding this issue with some suggestions of how it could work. They responded immediately and a team was formed to tackle the task of combining two systems. Anyone who's worked on the back end of systems knows that a great deal of work goes into designing them to be easy for the user. After a year, the system went live the first week of April 2017.

To view, modify, or create new Faith Promises, all you have to do is go to and log in to AG Giving by clicking their "Donate" button. On your account home screen, there is a new section titled "Faith Promises." This section shows all of your Faith Promises at one glance. You can add, modify, or remove commitments from here. Perhaps the greatest feature is on the Recurring Transactions page. Here you can see what you are giving monthly automatically. Each transaction now shows a Faith Promise column. It's possible you've been giving monthly to a missionary and thought you had a Faith Promise set up, even though it's not. Now you can verify that at a glance.

Using this new tool allows you to avoid having outstanding Faith Promises you knew nothing about, set up a Faith Promise for a missionary you've been supporting who was missing that piece, and modify your monthly support amounts for both your Recurring Giving and your Faith Promises all in one place. No need to call in changes or send in those forms anymore.
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