March 3, 2009

Post Grad Thoughts

Brian Eno

The Center for Youth and Family Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary asked High School graduates during their first year in college to reflect on their relationships with their church leaders.

More than 50% of students described the following as being "very true" or "completely true" about their leaders growing up:
They cared about me as a person. 87.2%They were interested in my life. 69.4%They took the time to really listen to me. 67.5%They stood by me. 67.5%They gave me guidance. 66.3%I felt I could trust them with my personal issues. 61.8%I didn't feel judged by them. 58.6%They helped me to realistically apply my faith to daily life. 58.0%They sought me out. 50.4%
What sticks out to me here is that the students reflected on the person and not the programming.

What can we as Children and Youth workers learn from this?

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