February 2, 2017

Opportunity for New Instructors

Mark Robinson

Do you know people with a well-developed gift of teaching who are not utilizing it to the fullest?
We are looking for highly qualified BUSINESS and PSYCHOLOGY faculty to join our team of adjunct (part-time) instructors at the Salem campus. Salem faculty have earned a masters or, preferably, a doctorate in their area of expertise, are experienced in their field, creative communicators, and love to coach others on their journey of vocational preparation. Classes meet generally in the afternoons or evenings. Interested persons should contact Dr. Lamm Bray.

Start a Scholarship Fund
The Salem Campus Advancement Director, Mark Robinson, has created a resource tool for churches that would like to start a scholarship fund: HOW TO START A SCHOLARSHIP FUND. It is much easier than most imagine, and a fund can be established with limited impact to the church budget.
Download the free color brochure today
(Permission granted to print unlimited copies)

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