January 24, 2017

The Paraplegic and His Four Friends

Wes Sheley

Since the beginning of this school year, the Lord keeps leading me to Mark 2:1-12, the story of four friends lowering their Paraplegic friend through a roof to the feet of Jesus. The Lord has opened my eyes and heart to parallels between this story and what our Next Generation Leaders are doing throughout Oregon.
When I look at this passage, I see love, compassion, hope and faith. These four friends showed love for their friend, compassion for his situation, hope for his need to be met, faith that his miracle would take place and willingness to take the risk to bring their friend to the feet of Jesus.
What I have seen this year is modern-day “friends” bringing the needs of the school to the feet of Jesus. These NextGen Leaders throughout our state have committed to building friendships with their local school campuses and showing their love for the greatest strategic mission field in our local communities. We are experiencing one of the greatest movements within our schools in years, because needs are being placed at the feet of Jesus.
I think of Kyle in Milton-Freewater, who is working full-time on his campus as a tutor/mentor. Jared in Pendleton, who has organized Christian clubs on several middle and high school campuses, as well as planning future school assemblies that will take place in April. Robert in Central Point is now working with a middle school that was closed to faith-based groups, but he has now been granted permission to help in several areas. Rob in Albany is a substitute teacher and is now one of the highest demand substitutes for the school district. Donny in Springfield has built a relationship with a local elementary school, and his church has taken on several areas of needs for the school. Jeff in Florence, who serves on the local Boys and Girls Club board and is also the middle school basketball coach. Matt in Silverton is working with local youth pastors that are running an after school tutor program for the local school. These are just a few examples of “friends” who are living out Mark 2:1-12 today on our local campuses.
My heart is that we can have a Mark 2 impact on every school campus by starting with one simple question to the administration of the schools, “How can we serve you?”
Their willingness to get out there and build relationships with the local leaders of school campuses have allowed them to show their love, compassion and faith to bring the message of hope to the largest gathering of unsaved people in their local communities. My heart is that we can have a Mark 2 impact on every school campus by starting with one simple question to the administration of the schools, “How can we serve you?”
My role in Oregon Youth Alive is to come alongside you and the local church to help create strategic plans for building healthy relationships with the local school and administration. Once we establish that relationship, we can begin to realize the needs and miracles that need to take place. It is our job to be at the right place at the right time to bring those needs to the feet of Jesus so that miracles can take place. The time is NOW to experience Mark 2 with our school campuses.

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