January 9, 2017

Why You Need Fusion

Brian Eno

The Merriam/Webster Dictionary tells us that Fusion is a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole. Fusion Leadership Conference is designed to do just that for Next Generation Ministries in Oregon. Fusion is a place for kids and youth leaders to engage with other workers, be equipped, and find encouragement.
This year we have two outstanding guest speakers: David Hertweck and Dick Gruber.
David currently serves as DYD of the New York Ministry Network. Prior to that, he served as a youth pastor for 12 years. David is the author of two books: Good Kids, Big Events and Matching T-Shirts and The Word and the Spirit.
Dick has been working in Children’s Ministries since 1975. He has served as a kids church leader, kids pastor, evangelist, lead pastor, writer, conference speaker and kids ministries trainer. He’s also developed a Bachelor’s Degree program in Kids Ministries and travels world-wide reaching kids and speaking in Kids Ministries training events.
This year’s Fusion Leadership Conference is happening February 9-11, 2017 at Peoples Church in Salem. The cost is very reasonable, only $60 if you pre-register. Your registration includes: • Inspirational General Sessions • Practical Workshops • 8-minute Table Talks • 2 Delicious Dinners • Regional Lunch Connections • Access to the Exchange. This is a place to share ministry resources that you have personally created as well as physical resources such as props, books, curriculum, games or media that are sitting on your shelf or in your hard-drive that may never be used by you again. All these resources are shared freely to those who attend.
Everything you need to register yourself and your leadership team today is at oregonag.org/events/fusion. Move fast! Our early bird pricing ends January 12.
This Conference is designed for you, so I hope you will take advantage of #Fusion17.

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