November 3, 2016

What is an "Adjunct" Instructor?

Mark Robinson

One of the primary ways NU at Salem is able to make a university-level education affordable is through the utilization of adjunct faculty. Adjuncts are part-time instructors. They may teach one course per school year, or up to three courses per semester. In most cases the Salem faculty have full-time occupations related to their academic field. As part of our "Faculty & Staff" webpage, we provide information regarding the additional role(s) served by each member:

One of the factors that make the Salem faculty exceptional is the fact that they not only are they academically qualified to teach (which is a strict requirement of our accreditation), but most are currently employed in their area of expertise. For example, our psychology instructors have private counseling practices. For this reason, they are able to bring to the classroom academic instruction that is rooted in the context of present day culture, circumstances, and challenges.

Dr. Debbie Lamm Bray, Director of Academic Services for Salem, offers this statement about our faculty: "Our faculty represent a variety of types of experiences and perspectives in teaching, counseling, pastoring, consulting, and other fields. Not only has most of our faculty earned terminal degrees, but all of them bring fresh practical experience to the classroom. Beyond their academic and professional expertise, our instructors also care deeply about students and go out of their way to be accessible and to invest in students' learning and growth."

NU at Salem Courses for Spring 2017

Session A courses (Begin: January 2; End: February 24): Ministry Operations, Composition I, Theology of Ministry Essentials, New Testament History & Literature, and Identity and Vocation.

Session B courses (Begin: March 6; End: May 5): Pentecostal Spirituality, Marriage & Family, Corinthian Correspondence, Composition II, Survey of American Literature, and Jesus the Messiah.

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