October 4, 2016


Bill Wilson

For we are God’s fellow workers… 1 Corinthians 3:9

A number of years ago, Wayne Cordeiro wrote a book called, Doing Church as a Team. The book was intended to be a tool to help rally members in the local church in becoming engaged and empowered in ministry. Cordeiro did an excellent job in articulating the biblical principles of uniting members to the mission of God.
Every great move of God in history has included his people serving together in unity. Pastor Larry Osborne refers to this principle in his book Sticky Teams by saying, Sticky teams aren’t made up of mindless clones; they’re made up of widely divergent personalities and viewpoints. He continues, When the battle of competing ideas is over, they march out and present a united front, setting aside their personal preferences and agendas in light of the greater good and the bigger mission.”
Our effectiveness as pastors and leaders depends on developing healthy ministry teams. Although it may take a little more thought and planning, teamwork is far more beneficial and fruitful than trying to go it alone. Just ask Nehemiah.
This is a great season on the calendar to build teams. Healthy churches help people discover their gifts and callings and provide opportunities to see those gifts used.
Speaking of team…I am pleased to introduce two new team leaders who are now serving you at the Oregon Ministry Network.
Valerie Matthews now serves in the Office of Church Development, with Network Lead Pastor Lee McCloud. She has a number of years of experience in church planting and pastoral ministry.
A special thanks to Lila Pearson who faithfully served for 14 years in this role. Kimber Anderson will be overseeing our annual Network Girl’s Camp and working alongside local church Girls Ministries Directors. Kimber has been active in ministry for a number of years with her husband, Jeremy Anderson, OMN Finance Director. She now serves as a member of the Next-Gen Team, under Pastor Brian Eno.
A special thanks to Kristi Roderick who faithfully served for 6 years in this role.
Ecclesiastes 4:9, Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work…
Go TEAM! "

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