Open Churches

The Open Church List below provides information about Network Churches that are currently engaged in a pastoral search process and contact info to apply. Please Note: Applicants must be credentialed Assemblies of God ministers.

Chiloquin Christian Center

Chiloquin, Oregon
Population: 900
Attendance: 50

Albert Wilder | 541-783-2140 | Email

Submit resumes:
PO Box 442
Chiloquin OR 97624

Lighthouse Worship Center

Ontario, Oregon
Population: 11,000
Attendance: 50

Martin Wilson | 208-870-4447 | Email

Submit resumes:
Martin Wilson
9933 Ash Lane
Payette, ID 83661

Spray Assembly of God

Spray, Oregon
Population: 150
Attendance: 70

Garey Fischer | 541-468-3161 | Email

Submit resumes:
Attn: Pulpit Committee
P.O. Box 127
Spray, OR 97874

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