STL Giving

STL Contributions

2014 Annual Total: $129,226.92

2015 Totals

January: $620.29
February: $2,930.83
March: $2,187.28
April: $2,567.40
May: $3,619.65
June: $5,739.95
July: $2,561.97

Total Year-to-Date: $20,227.37

Recent STL Completed Projects

• Wes Sheley – Oregon Public Schools
• Tamara Henkes – Kids Romania
• Jayme Michelle – Middle East
• Billy Redd – Cambodia
• Jim Book - Global University
• Diane Peters – Paraguay 
• Jim Billings - Latin America

Speed the Light

Speed the Light is the Assemblies of God’s premier discipleship tool, in teaching this next generation of youth to give generously and sacrifice deeply for God’s mission. Everyone has The Human Right to know Jesus. In an age where compassion and justice capture this generation’s heart and attention, STL can and should be this next generation’s “compassionate demonstration" of the gospel.

Compassion should fuel our STL giving. The greatest injustice in the world is for someone to die without hearing the Gospel (John 1:12). Compassion manifests not only when we provide humanitarian services like food and drinking water, but ultimately our greatest act of compassion is providing the Gospel to see souls saved and lives changed. 

Demonstration of the Gospel is our call as Spirit-filled believers. We do not merely preach the Gospel, we demonstrate it with the power afforded us in Acts 1:8. Every human being has the right to see and hear the gospel; to know Jesus.

We have 40+ missionary units in the OMN. These men and women have given their lives for The Human Right. We made a promise to them to provide the resources they need to get the job done. We are currently in need of raising over $400,000 in STL funds for approved missionary projects. We presently have 2 missionary units still waiting to receive their first vehicle.

Our current STL Project is newly appointed missionaries, The W family. The W’s have an amazing opportunity to go and live on the silk road, inside one of the largest evangelical Zero-Zones in the world. Through J’s degree in Agriculture, they are being invited to go and work alongside farmers and nut growers in the region. In an otherwise hostile area to the Gospel, God is giving them creative access to live amongst millions in rural areas and share the truth.

They are moving to Central Eurasia this August to join a Live-Dead team. In their region, they will need to have a four-wheel drive vehicle to travel in the mountainous terrain and also as a transport for interns and short term teams. Together we can help our missionaries get this vehicle. 

If you would like a STL Project Bio on the W’s please contact: sheila [dot] roberts [at] oregonag [dot] org 

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Note: All STL offering checks should be made out to STL. Send your offerings to: STL 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802. All offerings must be postmarked by December 31st in order to receive giving credit for that year.

Missions 1:2:3 Strategy

How do Youth ministries use STL in their churches to effectively raise funds for missionaries, teach about finances, and not burden the church?

Here is how: it’s called Missions 1:2:3.

What is Missions 1:2:3?

Simply it is: 1 leader, 2 minute sermons, and 3 month goals.

1 Leader:
This ideally is a children's pastor/worker who can empower volunteer leaders, and students. This is a leader who can make a faith-stretching goal, a leader who can model the desired behavior before their kids. This most likely will need to be a key leader. 

2 Minutes:
You ask, “Why not once a month? Why each week?” Each week creates a habit that is important. Some kids may want to give but might not be present the week you receive the offering, if it’s done only once a month. Plus, receiving the offering each week keeps the need in front of them.

Take 2 minutes to present an offering sermon. This is not a typical offering appeal, but a mini-sermon. To help you with these 2 minute offering sermons, Next Generation Ministries has developed 52 offering sermons. This way all you will need to do is schedule time for the offering, present the 2 minute sermon and receive the offering each week. Download Missions 1:2:3 2-Minute Sermons

3 Month Goals:
There is nothing magical about 3 months; it’s simply easy for kids to remember shorter goals then year-long goals. 3 month goal setting is something you can repeat throughout the year. Maybe have a 3 month goal focus 3 to 4 times a year.

Now, you may be wondering, what role do church offerings and fundraisers play? If we follow the Missions 1:2:3 strategy this becomes the foundation of giving; the church offering becomes the cheering section and a couple well planned fundraisers become icing on the cake rather then the cake itself.

Let’s make sure to teach this Next Generation to be biblical givers; To give in a way that honors and pleases God.