Fusion is a place for children and youth leaders to engage with other workers, be equipped and find encouragement

February 21-23, 2019

Peoples Church
4500 Lancaster Dr NE
Salem, OR 97315

$60 by Jan. 24
$70 after Jan. 24
$30 single day

Kelly Presson

Jeff Grenell

Brian & Barbara Eno


Main Sessions
Table Talks
Regional Connections
2 Meals Included
Late-Night Open Gym
The Exchange

The Exchange

Here is how the “EXCHANGE” works. Do you have something to contribute to THE EXCHANGE? Do you have some things that are sitting around, unused, that you’re willing to part with? If so, bring it to the “EXCHANGE” and we’ll put them in into the hands of a ministry partner that can benefit from them. This may be curriculum, props, job descriptions, books, games, etc. If you’re reading this on your lap top, take a moment and consider if any of your data files could be shared with another church. Why not create an Exchange folder right now and start copying, things like your cool Power Point sermons, games, videos, etc. Bring your laptop to Fusion and we’ll help you upload it so others can benefit from your resources. What about the digital media you possess that could be shared with others to enhance their ministry.

As you can see I am very excited about the “EXCHANGE” and the opportunity it brings to us all. Plan to bring your laptop or memory stick to the conference. Start filling a box today with your used resources that you can part with. Then drop them off when you arrive, stop by later during the conference and see what items you can pick up to take home and use for your ministry. Just the value of what you will receive from the “EXCHANGE” may more than cover the cost of your registration.