The Recalibrate Cohort is a nine-month journey for leaders and pastors who want to relaunch their church, their leadership, or a specific mission-critical aspect of their congregation.

The nine-month journey consists of 3 separate one-day intensive training sessions.

Dr. Troy H. Jones is one of America’s leading experts on leading change and recalibrating established churches. Troy is a sought-after speaker, coach, and consultant, specializing in helping established church leaders cultivate momentum and create a culture of change. He is the Lead Pastor of New Life Church, an innovative multisite church with 4 locations in the Pacific Northwest with over 5,000 in attendance each weekend. He has authored a number of books including his latest, Recalibrate Your Church: How Your Church Can Reach Its Full Kingdom Impact.

Cohort Information
 • 1 year
• 3 sessions
• Lead Pastor & Leadership Team
• $850/church

Cohort Focus
 • Grow five leadership muscles within your team.
• Focus on one Mission Critical Initiative that will move your church forward and cultivate momentum.

Cohort Dates
 • Cohort #1 – Thursday, February 27th 8:45am – 2pm
 • Cohort #2 – Thursday, May 14th 8:45am – 2pm
 • Cohort #3 – Thursday, September 24th 8:45am – 2pm
 • Pastor’s Check-In Call #1 – Thursday, April 16th 10:00am
 • Pastor’s Check-In Call #2 – Thursday, June 11th 10:00am

Path Church
310 N 10th St
Central Point OR 97502

Recalibrate in a Box
Participants will receive a resource kit with a signed copy of “Recalibrate Your Church” by Troy Jones, a 70-point assessment, personal contact information for Troy and key New Life leaders, a flash drive with recalibrate resources and MCI blueprints, a reset button or countdown clock, and a recalibrate journal. 

Who Should Attend?

The Recalibrate Group focuses on the established church. While many church planters have found the Recalibrate Cohort beneficial the 9-month cohort is designed for established churches or church plants who have existed for over 3 years.

One of the unique features of the Recalibrate Cohort is the 3 sessions and pricing structure is designed for your entire team. Recalibrating your church effectively will require teamwork. Your team is significant to walking your church through the strategic initiative.

The cost includes your entire team. There is no limit to the number of people who you can bring. The Recalibrate Cohort is designed for:

• Key Staff (Children, Youth, Worship, Production, Associate Pastors…paid or volunteer etc.)
• Board Members
• Key Influencers in Your Congregation.

Your team will have a safe and interactive environment to collaborate and develop a strategic initiative for your congregation.

Recalibrate Focus
with Dr. Troy Jones, Founder of Recalibrate Group

 • Ideal for churches that feel “stuck” and in need of forward momentum.
• Ideal for churches who have plateaued or are in decline.
• Great fit for larger churches with systems and structures already in place.
• Designed for pastors and leadership team to recalibrate the heart and soul of their congregation.
• 1-year cohort, meeting for 3 sessions on Thursdays in the Southern Oregon vicinity.
• PRICE: $850/church for Registration and “Recalibrate in a Box” materials.
• Catered Lunch and snacks provided (cost per person)

Questions? We’re here to help. Please call 503.393.4411 and ask to speak with Valerie regarding Cohorts.