Author: Larry Steller

Going From Hot to Boiling

When I order a Latte at Starbucks, I always order it at 190 degrees. My latte very seldom is delivered to me at 190 degrees. Even though I persist, I realize there may be several reasons my latte never makes it to my desired temperature. Perhaps the baristas are so programmed that when they hear “190 degrees” it translates as “extra hot”, and extra hot is relevant- it means different things to different people. Or, perhaps the barista simply is not listening. I often find I have to repeat parts of my order. Water is very hot at 211...

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From Death to Life

This morning a dear pastor friend of mine wrote on his Facebook page about celebrating a 46th anniversary. He said, “this anniversary is very important to me because without a miracle it will most likely be our last.” Later, he told me over the phone, “I never expected to be walking down this road.” How can I really know what is going through my friend’s mind today? How can I really know the measure of grief he is experiencing as he watches his wife of 46 years slip away because of a brain tumor? How can I comfort him...

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From Zero to Fifty, Just Like That!

A great king once made a very profound statement: “Once I was young, and now I am old….” Psalm 27:35) Now that’s a transition that regardless of who we are or what status in life we live, we all relate to the king’s profoundness! And if one reads between the lines a bit, you might even hear the king add, “from young to old just like that!” This year Delores and I are celebrating our fiftieth year of married life. And we went from zero to fifty, just like that! So, we decided we would celebrate this whole year...

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Forgetting to Remember

In the center of a far away village, I am told, stands a huge white monument placed on a concrete slab. It is very impressive. But if you walk around the base, you will find no inscription. If you ask any of the citizens, no one seems to know why the monument was erected. Old-timers can’t remember, and the young were never told. Strange- a monument to nothing! A memorial that has no memory or meaning whatsoever! Life is short, and our memory is even shorter. We come into this world, and in a few short years we leave...

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Emotional IQ Part 2

We all have feelings. In fact, for a lifetime we have had people telling us how we should feel or not feel. It started when I was little: “Larry, you can stop crying now- big boys don’t cry.” Or, if I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar, I could count on hearing, “Larry, you should be ashamed of yourself!” And, later on, if I allowed my feelings to get hurt by someone, invariably I would hear, “Don’t feel bad Larry, I was just kidding.” Feelings are neither right or wrong In fifty years of ministry, I...

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