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Happy Spring! Don’t you love the beautiful colors of the flowers that are beginning to bloom? I love the change of seasons. I’m ready for some warmer weather and sunny skies. I’ve already done some spring cleaning and it makes everything look clean and fresh. The past three months we have talked about “Believing for God’s best.” For the next three months we will look at “Being obedient to God’s Word and voice.” Being obedient: I often say to my grandsons, “Listen and obey, that’s the right way.” Why is it so easy to say, but hard to always...

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Goal Setting

I’m excited to see what this year holds as each of us pursue God’s plan and purpose for our lives. 2017 was filled with so many wonderful experiences both in ministry and for me personally. What I have learned is that I can’t dwell on the past. What I can do is rejoice in all the memories, then I must keep pressing forward, to accomplish the works that God has prepared ahead of me to do. These are suggestions that I would like to pass on to you. As a woman in ministry we have lots of things to...

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Romania Trip

A great big “Thank you ” to those who contributed to the Romania Missions trip. The trip was life-changing in many ways. New friendships were formed, ministry gifts discovered (everyone can do puppet ministry) being fluid with everyday experiences. Every lady on the trip had a purpose and was used to touch the lives of women. So let me share what a Tea looked like for the team members: Up early in the morning to travel usually 2+hours to a village out of Bucharest. We were joined by Tamara’s team (Tamara Henkes is our missionary to Romania) the incredible...

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Women in Ministry Highlights

What a great Oregon Garden Getaway! We have heard so many great reports of how refreshing this event is. Many ladies were able to meet new people and form friendships. Our speaker Teri Herndon challenged us to be a Shining Light. Thanks to the team that helped put this event together. In 2018, we are asking the women in our Network to help sponsor a Designed for Life Women’s Conference. This will be the first of this kind to be provided for the women of Austria and neighboring countries. $100.00 will sponsor each woman to get there and attend...

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God Makes Things Beautiful

I love the colors of fall. Last week Bill and I traveled from Portland, to Salem, to Medford, to Lakeview, to Sunriver and then home. Can you imagine the majestic scenery we were able to see on this trip! The big win for me was when I saw a sign that said Crater Lake. I had never been there and this was definitely on my list of places to see. I asked Bill if it was within driving distance to stop by before heading to Lakeview. He checked the mileage and agreed this is something we should do. Oh, I...

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