Author: David Kennedy

Recalibrate Cohort

The Recalibrate Cohort is a three-session one-year cohort that is great for larger churches with systems and structures already in place. It’s ideal for churches that are plateaued or declining and need forward momentum....

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Acts 2 Journey Cohorts

The Acts 2 Journey is a four-session one-year cohort and is a great fit for churches of 150 or less with mostly volunteer staff. It’s vital for the leadership team of the church to participate. The four sessions are conducted as...

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Whether you’re a smaller rural church, a multisite church or something in-between, we have a Cohort tailored to meet your needs and take you where God is leading you.

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The Exchange

The Exchange is a place to share ministry resources that you have created and physical resources such as props, books, curriculum, games or media that are sitting on your shelf or hard-drive, and may never be used by you again....

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The Hub

Youth Ministry University is a brand new video resource available for Oregon NextGen leaders. Sign up below for access. Personal InfoName* First Last Home Address* Street Address Address Line 2 City...

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