Author: David Kennedy

Kids Convention

Kid’s Convention is a two-day conference for students in grades 2-5. It’s a great opportunity for them to be challenged in their faith through fun and meaningful rallies designed just for kids.

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Turnaround Church Coaching Network

Pastors often find themselves stuck and uncertain how to move forward. As a result they tend to isolate themselves from truth, and isolate themselves from those who could help them. The Turnaround Church Coaching Network will help lead pastors inspire and advance their teams to get unstuck as they become energized, equipped, and catalyzed into ministry that produces missional results. Register TCCN Cohorts are a two-year commitment that include 10 sessions (5 per year). The cohorts are focused on transformative learning which will help pastors and team members improve their leadership skill set and prepare their churches for healthy...

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2017 Missions Project

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