Author: Brian Eno

Building Your Ministry Team – Part 2

In my previous blog I wrote about the importance of doing ministry as a team and how we are always more effective leaders and lead healthier ministries when we do ministry as a team. In that article, I revealed the three stages that will help you to start building your ministry team: 1. PRAYER. Jesus told us to start with prayer. 2. RECRUITMENT. Don’t underestimate the power of The Ask. 3. STRUCTURE. These help people join the team and stay on the team. Now I would like to continue on this topic and give you three additional stages to...

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Building Your Ministry Team – Part 1

We can always do more to reach the next generation together than we ever can alone. We are more effective leaders, and the ministries we lead are healthier when we do ministry as a team. Church work is different than any other work. How? Simply, we’re not creating products or selling services. Ministry is about people. It’s not really about programs, events or curriculum. It is all about relationships; with God and others. The most effective way to build a ministry team is to start with relationships. Since the starting line is relationships, here are the first few stages...

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Why Kids Go To Youth Group

A while back, The Center for Youth And Family Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary conducted a study of 200 high school seniors. They asked them to rank the reasons they go to youth group. After 20 years of student and family ministry, I expected “friends” to be towards the top. I was wrong and surprised by their findings. Their study found that students connected with their youth workers more than with their friends at “youth group.” These findings do confirm my long time conviction that when students come to our ministries, they are looking for caring, loving adults that...

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Post Grad Thoughts

The Center for Youth and Family Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary, asked High School graduates during their first year in college to reflect on their relationships with their church leaders. More than 50% of students described the following as being “very true” or “completely true” about their leaders growing up: They cared about me as a person. 87.2%They were interested in my life. 69.4%They took time to really listen to me. 67.5%They stood by me. 67.5%They gave me guidance. 66.3%I felt I could trust them with my personal issues. 61.8%I didn’t feel judged by them. 58.6%They helped me to...

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