Author: Brian Eno

Meet our New Royal Rangers Ministry Director

After much asking, seeking and knocking, the Lord has helped us discover our next OMN Royal Rangers Ministry Director. I am happy to announce that Brad Phillips has accepted this network leadership position and will begin serving January 1, 2018. Brad began his involvement in Royal Rangers as a Buckaroo in 1975 at 7 years old. In 1982, he earned his GMA. In 1984 and 1985, he was the District Royal Ranger of the year and represented Oregon in the Region. For the past 30 years, Brad has lead Royal Ranger Outposts in Cottage Grove, Springfield, Vale, Baker City...

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Year End NextGen Update

In Psalm 78, King David gives us a mandate to pass our faith unto the next generation. As Assemblies of God pastors and leaders we must pass on to our kids and youth a faith that is Gospel Centered, Spirit Empowered and Personally Responsible for the Mission of God. This is a massive responsibility, one we must never take lightly. This mandate should compel us to pass our movement’s heart for missions on to our kids and youth. Speed the Light and Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge are much more than programs providing equipment for missionaries. They are tools...

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Special Announcement

It is with great sadness that I make the following announcement. After eight excellent years of service, our Network Royal Ranger Director, Bob Killin, will be concluding his service this year. Bob has made an enormous impact in the lives of thousands of boys and men, and I am very thankful for his service to our churches and ministers. Bob and I have been praying about this transition over the last year, and it recently became apparent to both of us that this fall is the right time to make this transition for Bob, our Churches, and our Royal...

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Understanding and Reaching Millennials

I’ve worked in next generation ministries my entire adult life. Today, I mainly work with millennial youth and kids leaders. Recently I’ve noticed some older adults seem to have a negative view of Millennials, an opinion I don’t subscribe to. Rather, I see Millennials as a generation full of passion, compassion and hunger to serve. It’s our responsibility as the Church to reach the Millennial Generation. In order to do this, we must understand this generation. Dr. Leonard Sweet coined the phrase “EPIC Generation” when describing the Millennials. I would like to use his acronym to share four fundamental...

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Duplicate the Camp Altar

I spent much of my summer at Church Camps. I ate lots of delicious food, attended numerous chapel services, slept in comfy bunk beds, played messy games and hung out with kids all day long. Some may ask, why would you spend your summer this way? My answer lies within the core purposes of our summer camps. We facilitate summer camps to provide an opportunity for our kids and youth to experience a first-hand encounter with God and His church through recreation, personal interaction, worship, Bible teaching, and response to God. It’s this final one, “response to God” that...

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Credential Renewal

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