Bill Wilson
Network Lead Pastor
bill [dot] wilson [at] oregonag [dot] org
Pastor Bill's picture
Lee McCloud
Lead Pastor of Church Development
lee [dot] mccloud [at] oregonag [dot] org
Lee's picture
Boyd Powers
Lead Pastor of Administration & Missions
boyd [dot] powers [at] oregonag [dot] org
Boyd's picture
Jeremy Anderson
Director of Finance
jeremy [dot] anderson [at] oregonag [dot] org
Jeremy's picture
Brian Eno
Executive Director / Pastor Next Generation Ministries
brian [dot] eno [at] oregonag [dot] org
Brian's picture
Larry Steller
Director of Pastoral Care
larry [dot] steller [at] oregonag [dot] org
larry's picture
Joy Wilson
Director of Ministry Coaching and Women In Ministry
joy [dot] wilson [at] oregonag [dot] org
Joy's picture
Joe Pearson
Director of Church Multiplication
joe [dot] pearson [at] oregonag [dot] org
joe's picture
Bob Killin
Director of Royal Rangers
whitemtn [at] frontier [dot] com
bob's picture
Kimber Anderson
Director of Girls Ministries
kimber [dot] anderson [at] oregonag [dot] org
Kimber's picture
David Kennedy
Director of Media
david [dot] kennedy [at] oregonag [dot] org
David's picture
St. John Eyre
Childrens Ministry Specialist
stjohn [at] parkwaycc [dot] com
stjohn's picture
Kathy Field
Accounts Receivable
kathy [dot] field [at] oregonag [dot] org
kathy's picture
Sheri Macauley
Assistant to Network Lead Pastor
sheri [dot] macauley [at] oregonag [dot] org
Sheri's picture
Valerie Matthews
Assistant to Lead Pastor of Church Development
valerie [dot] matthews [at] oregonag [dot] org
Valerie's picture
Deborah Padilla
Accounts Payable
debbie [dot] padilla [at] oregonag [dot] org
debbie's picture
Moira Price
Receptionist / Event Registration Specialist
moira [dot] price [at] oregonag [dot] org
Moira's picture
Diane Roberts
Assistant to Lead Pastor of Administration & Missions
diane [dot] roberts [at] oregonag [dot] org
Diane's picture
Sheila Roberts
Event Specialist / Next Generation Ministries Assistant
sheila [dot] roberts [at] oregonag [dot] org
sheila's picture